Residential and corporate plantscaping

Plantsscaping for patios and terraces
While greenery and flowers make an excellent addition to the design of practically any area or room in residential and commercial buildings alike...
Plantsscaping for balconies and loggias
By definition, balconies and front porches are the parts of the house most closely associated with open air and nature. It makes perfect sense...
Plantscaping for offices and HoReCa
First Floral provides a broad array of interior floral design and plantscaping services specifically focused on decorating office space as well ...
Residential plantscaping
Although flower pots on windowsills and bouquets in vases represent a millenia-old tradition, in today's technology-dominated, urbanized world...

Indoor green plants oxygenate the air and help maintain its moisture balance. Most plants also produce volatile substances that kill harmful airborne bacteria, further improving air quality. The presence of green plants helps create a relaxing atmosphere, which makes them a favorite of contemporary interior designers. Moreover, owing to the beneficial properties of plants listed above, plant design and plantscaping - greenery planting - has become a design subfield in its own right. Our team of professionals is experienced in this subfield and well-versed in its latest techniques and trends such as vertical planting. Typical plants design projects fall into four basic categories:

  •  plant design and plantscaping of private houses and apartments;
  • plant design and plantscaping of hotels, restaurants, and office space;
  •  plantscaping of balconies and porches;
  • plantscaping of patios, outdoor dining areas etc.
Whatever your floral design needs may be, we at the First Floral Company are ready to meet them.