Moss logos and lettering

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Preserved moss comes in a rich variety of color shades, from the obvious hunter and deep dark green to teal and aquamarine to vibrant malachite and emerald. Thanks to its broad color spectrum and physical flexibility, this decorative material is ideal for corporate lettering, logos and signs. The opulent texture of preserved moss makes a powerful, modernistic, and environmentally conscious statement while its naturally subdued palette both commands respect and sets peaceful mood.

Experienced designers of the First Floral Company will gladly make an on-site survey and prepare a detailed plan for your logo or sign, complete with photo samples and design sketches. After your approval, the specially treated moss combination will be affixed to the base (usually made of PVC, plywood, or other types of plastic or wood), delivered to your location, and installed. To the benefit of our customers, we work directly with the leading manufacturers, and the low cost of the materials is reflected in our prices.

Download pallete moss you can here.