Preserved moss decorations

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Preserved moss comes in a rich variety of color shades, from the obvious hunter and deep dark green to teal and aquamarine or vibrant malachite ...
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Pliability, rich texture and color variety of preserved moss make it the new material of choice for contemporary interior designers...
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Nowadays the natural elements of décor can bring the look and feel of a real forest to any interior. Furry moss, natural wood and stone are now ...

Preserved moss is a natural decorative material that rapidly gains more and more popularity across the globe. In essence, preserved moss is one of several naturally occurring moss-and-lichen combinations that has been treated with a preservative solution harmless for humans. The solution “freezes” the lifecycle of the treated plants, turning them into a substance ideal for decorative purposes. Here is an incomplete list of the reasons why preserved moss is becoming a new favorite of the world's plant designers:

  • hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, harmless for humans and pets;
  • has no soil or light requirements and doesn't need hydration;
  • highly resistant to mold, rot and other spoilage while absorbing excess moisture from air;
  • lightweight, pliable, comes in three basic shape varieties and more than 20 color shades.

The most common types of preserved moss are reindeer lichen, bun moss and flat sheet moss.

All preserved moss offered by the First Floral Company has a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.  

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