Framed moss pictures

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Pliability, rich texture and color variety of preserved moss make it the new material of choice for contemporary interior designers and home decorators. The natural, calming yet sumptuous appearance of decorative moss compositions - from small panels to extensive picture-like arrangements covering entire walls - instantly adds the feeling of true comfort and ease to a private residence, corporate conference room, dining area or hotel lobby equally well.

Our designers expertly combine specially treated reindeer lichen, bun moss, and flat sheet moss of different color shades, sometimes also including other preserved plants and flowers, to create minimalist panels, wall-wide landscapes, two-dimensional shapes, ornamental patterns, lifelike images and other kinds of decorative art that seamlessly blend with the existing design and other features of the interior. 

Moss panels and walls are lightweight, easy to transport and install. The material is eco-friendly and requires no maintenance.

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