Plantscaping of the Skyline residential building (Kiev, 2016)

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Creating a green zone in a residential apartment to satisfy the preferences of both globetrotters and homebodies is a formidable challenge – which our experts, as always, were proud to accept.

We were approached by the designers of Skyline, one of the most prestigious apartment buildings in Kiev. The objective was to help them introduce some lively, green notes to the interior of the showcase apartment and the reception area. First Floral’s plantscapers created a real indoor nature sanctuary in the shortest time frame possible, using only top-quality pots and plants.

For the latter, we chose several types of fig trees and planted them in ceramic Dutch and plastic German flowerpots with auto-hydration system. The plants made it possible to introduce some fresh, natural feel while keeping the decor minimalistic. The result was an ideal living space for relaxing after a busy working day, entertaining guests, or convenient telecommuting. The reception area of the building was decorated with evergreen, easy-to-care-for sansevierias.