Decorative plants for Boosta creative office (Kyiv, 2019)

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Artificial ornamental plants our plantscapers use are not the same as those you can buy in a run-of-the-mill faux flower shop: ours are so realistic that it is sometimes difficult to tell them from their  living counterparts. Although a decade ago this type of decor was considered to be cheap and poor taste, today artificial plants are way more impressive and well-respected while still having all advantages of a practical, low-maintenance product – elegant, with a natural trunk, vibrant and lush petals, perfect leaves... Some of the materials the renowned Dutch manufacturers use for making artificial plants are natural silk and specially treated natural timber.

For this particular office, artificial plants are an especially fitting solution, since the interior space doesn’t offer much light while air conditioners and heating radiators are constantly on. Also, the client didn’t want to be burdened with the regular watering duty, and the only regular care these faux greenery requires is dusting.