400 plants at the contemporary Bosch office (Kiev, 2017)

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Bosch's new office is a modern facility with efficient use of space for daily work, business meetings, and breaks. Indoor plants have been instrumental in dividing the floor into a number of mini-zones by function. Wall niches with evergreens add authentic natural accent to the relax zone, the reception area, and the kitchen's bar counter. For decorating workstations and conference rooms, the First Floral Company design team used arboreous and shrubby plants in soft-shaded cachepots.

Raised platforms with houseplants impart a succinct and stylish elegance to the interior. More than 400 plants throughout the entire space create a true green environment and lend visual unity to the Bosch's office.

As interior design components, artfully selected plants, furniture items, and accessories speak of the high degree of the company's success as well as of its concern for the employees, the clients, and the partners.