Grammarly office space design built around a bucida (Kyiv, 2018)

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As soon as we were done plantscaping this huge and magnificent space, we wished this instant could last a little more so we could enjoy for a bit longer the exhilaration of completing this challenging and exciting project! Decorative greenery has been placed throughout the 90-meter suspension bridge, added to 13 fully functional meeting rooms and 150 workstations, to the dedicated library, the yoga room, the roomy kitchen...

The office of the Ukrainian headquarters of Grammarly, famous for its digital writing assistant, is an outstanding example of contemporary interior design, well-lit and spacious, featuring massive inner structures as well as small and cozy special-purpose rooms. Obviously, it required an unconventional and imposing plantscaping solution, and the experts of Fist Floral were more than happy to oblige: succulents placed directly inside transformer desks, huge cache pots holding evergreens, and, at the visually strategic center of everything, a three-meter bucida tree!