The tropical green in an innovative indoor space
860 philodendrons, 190 syngoniums, 195 microsorums, 180 spathiphyllums, 150 nephrolepises... And the list didn’t...
Metal cache pots with stands
Greenery fills the air with oxygen and keeps it from getting too dry, reduces noise, adds a note of nature ...
Plantscaping for an agricultural company
Another project completed, another company office successfully plantscaped – this time it was a well-known agricultural company...

When it comes to things like plantscaping, floral design, moss decor, indoor gardening or plain old taking care of your potted flowers while you are away, the experts of the First Floral Company are the ones to turn to. During more than 10 years of experience in these and other fields related to houseplant management, our team has accomplished thousands of tasks, including the following:

  • more than 500 commercial space plantscaping projects taken care of;
  • about 100 interior design projects based around moss decoration completed;
  • over 4,500 green plants in corporate, public and residential environment restored to healthy condition and look after mismanagement or neglect.

All our customers can rest assured that we will fulfill their project requirements precisely and happily provide expert advice and support after the project is completed.