Naprosecco: mixing seafood and artificial palm tree (Kyiv, 2018)

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The new seafood eatery Naprosecco had some innate interior design challenges that our plantscapers had to face. First, there was not enough lighting to accommodate most living plants. Secondly, the lack of a solid partition between the kitchen and the dining area resulted in the kitchen appliances and the exhaust hood making the indoor conditions even more hostile to green life.

That basically left the First Floral designers with one option: high-quality artificial plants, provided that they are no different from their living counterparts and mix well with the rest of the interior design. This type of decoration has virtually no limit on the service life, requires no professional care, and also rates high in terms of fire safety, which is not the last consideration at a restaurant.

Our selection for Naprosecco was a three-meter artificial palm tree and rows of faux bamboo. Now the restaurant’s visitors can enjoy the dishes while surrounded by the exotic beauty of spectacular plants.