Ethnic themes in residential interior design (Vinnytsia, 2018)

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Now that ethnic patterns traditional for fabric embroidery have weaved their way into interior design, blending folk themes and contemporary accents gains popularity among design agencies and discerning clients alike. The First Floral is proud to have provided the green side of things for one such project: interior design of a private apartment by a professional design studio.

Decorating the interior of a premium residential suite allows for a multitude of options, provided that they work together well without looking boring or unoriginal and, of course, develop the customer’s vision into a living and exciting reality while complying with technical requirements. Our plantscapers used artificial bamboo and preserved reindeer lichen to introduce some verdant brightness and scrumptious texture to the design in order to offset the toned-down colors and the somewhat formal contemporary ambience of this residential space. Invigorating, homelike, and interacting nicely with the ethnic ornaments!