Green walls at a trade show (Kyiv, 2019)

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Participation in an industry trade show is an excellent opportunity to make your company known to a wide audience. An ingenious design of your exhibition stand may help you stand out so as to be remembered by a potential partner or client be one solution. Indeed, nowadays company stands and booths are adorned with 3D models, giant devices, interactive showcases… Several plantscaping options – preserved moss, houseplants, green walls – are also on this list.

The use of green walls for a brighter, unconventional, and natural appearance is a rather recent trend. Such a wall doesn’t have to be made up of actual living plants, which require both specific climate conditions and daily care. It is more practical to use ready-made, artificial green panels. These lightweight decorations are quick and easy to install and dismantle and can be reused for the next trade show. Enjoy the photos and don’t hesitate to contact First Floral whenever you need the beauty and power of green plants on your side!