Siemens office plantscaping (Kyiv, 2018)

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When beginning to work on a new office plantscaping project, each time we at First Floral try to both take into account the indoor climate, corporate style, and interior design, and also carefully study the company’s distinctive features. This enables us to come up with an offer that meets the client’s requirements while affording comfortable conditions for indoor plants, bringing in an aesthetic value, and reflect the company’s identity.

When a high-tech global company Siemens (Kyiv) approached us with an order for plantscaping their Kyiv branch, we knew we had to deliver something original. After reviewing the design draft, we picked the spectacular nephrolepis fern placed in high metal stands. The open space and the reception are were decorated with subtle cachepots by a Polish manufacturer, which match well with the interior color scheme.

Green plants help people get in the productive mood and come up with new ideas. Now the employees of the Siemens Kyiv can test this popular belief.