Green garden on the ceiling for a transportation company office (Kiev, 2017)

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When creating a new office for a well-known transportation company, the designers took utmost care of making the space comfortable for all employees and partners. Naturally, this objective was practically impossible to reach without plants.

The customer wished to see some special plantscaping in the office. Our team selected the green decor based on the existing interior design solution and the color scheme. For decorating the working area organized in the open space format, we chose magnificent nephrolepises. Evergreen sansevierias in elegant concrete pots on metal stands graced the dining area, while the rest lounge was adorned with a wall of stabilized moss.

But the true highlight of this project was the hanging green garden featuring climbing plants such as philodendron, ivy, and devil’s ivy. The garden helped add verdant brightness to the light gray tones of the interior while keeping precious space free.