Eco decor for a TV channel (Kyiv, 2018)

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If you get the feeling that you have seen this room somewhere before, most likely you are right: this is the set of the morning show of the popular Ukrainian TV channel TRK Ukraine. First Floral was asked to come up with a lush and impressive yet low-maintenance indoor plantscaping solution for decorating the set’s kitchen area. Given the large amounts of lighting fixtures, recording devices, and other electrical equipment, the project’s most challenging requirements were the constraints in space and climate conditions. Based on these considerations, we chose a vertical gardening option to save room and artificial plants. The guest meeting area, which also could benefit from some green presence, was decorated using preserved moss, famous for retaining flawless appearance at all times while being undemanding in terms of day-to-day care.

Now the TRK audience is greeted by natural and vibrant interior design colors on the screen every morning. And we have become dedicated fans of the show!