The tropical green in an innovative indoor space (Kyiv, 2019)

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860 philodendrons, 190 syngoniums, 195 microsorums, 180 spathiphyllums, 150 nephrolepises... And the list didn’t end on that. We had only five days to create two green walls with the total area of about 390 square feet. This was an extremely short time frame for installing the stands and shelves, preparing more than 2,000 plants, and putting it all together.

Frankly speaking, it was a real challenge – tight deadlines and fast-paced teamwork, with each stage of the project requiring perfect timing. Oh well, to what ends wouldn’t we go in order to satisfy the client and achieve the result we wanted. Our goal was to create the most natural-looking green jungle – and  here is what we came up with.

This wall is a result of our joint effort with WGW Roofs. Each plant has been carefully selected and matched with others in order to create an organic green image. The philodendron was used as a foundation, to which we added the neat syngonium, the microsorum, the large, chiseled leaves of fatsia... The spathiphyllum crowned it all. This gorgeous plant with large white flowers looks especially spectacular against the backdrop of the evergreens.