Plantsscaping for patios and terraces

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While greenery and flowers make an excellent addition to the design of practically any area or room in residential and commercial buildings alike, they are a near absolute requirement for patios, backyard porches and open-air dining areas. A leafy shade and prevalence of green set a calming, natural tone which resonates equally well with the idea of summertime outdoor dining and the quiet of a home patio. 

The First Floral Company makes the task of decorating an open-air dining area for restaurant owners – or that of a backyard porch or patio for homeowners – quick and easy to accomplish. We carry an extensive line of outdoor planters and cachepots that can be custom-ordered from leading European manufacturers for a particular design project. An initial consultation with our experienced plantscapers is totally free and includes a draft design proposal complete with the rundown of planned expenses. We also offer payment method options and post-project support provided by a dedicated account manager.