Moss panels and walls

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Nowadays the natural elements of décor can bring the look and feel of a real forest to any interior. Furry moss, natural wood and stone are now virtually everywhere — in the office spaces, residential areas and public facilities. The undisputed leader among eco-friendly materials is moss though, which comes at no surprise since it requires hardly any care, lighting control, watering, is harmless to humans and animals, and is not susceptible to mold.

Owing to its elasticity and ease and flexibility of intallation, stabilized moss is an ideal material for landscaping in any room. It will help create a colorful mural or vivid pictures, “living green walls”, or can be used as a decoration for furniture in the house, conference rooms in corporate environment or shop windows in boutiques and salons.

Moss panels (phytowalls) are particularly noteworthy — no matter where they are located (in an apartment, office, cafe or restaurant) moss panels look stylish and original. The variety of colors and types of natural materials will help create decorations of all sizes, using different combinations, patterns and shapes. Moss panels are very easy to move and convenient to install. If you want to decorate the entire wall of your room or working space, we would be happy to assist and create a sheer green oasis for you.

In recent years, making company logos of stabilized moss has gained popularity as well, with foam, wood, plastic or PVC used as a base. A decorative logo is an excellent way to highlight the status of the company and impress customers and partners.

Stabilized moss decor brings a natural accent to a room. Add a piece of nature to your space!

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